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When an author brings you to the feeling of a character in her book without telling you how the character feels; when an author makes you either love or hate the protagonist without telling you to do so; when nature descriptions live by their own vitality, you know that you are reading a novel written by a gifted writer.

The Middle of Nowhere author, Paula Duncan McDonald

The Middle of Nowhere author, Paula Duncan McDonald

The Middle of Nowhere by Paula Duncan McDonald, born and raised in Wink, Texas, begins west of the Pecos when Apaches had been cleared of the area and free land was being offered for settlement. It was “the middle of nowhere.” But the story quickly evolves from the settler family to the tale of their daughter, Skitchy, the second generation. It becomes her story of life and love, identity and survival, during the desperate years of the Great Depression in West Texas, when severe drought and relentless dust storms wracked the land.

The history of the Pecos, Kermit area, as well as the landscape, are woven into lives filled with authentic details that create a vivid sense of astonishing immediacy. Skitchy’s deeply personal and wrenching story took place then, in that time, but with little effort of focus by the reader, we quickly see it is our time, as well.

The book quickly draws West Texans in with shared knowledge as it begins:

“There are places on earth where life has to work harder to survive, and only the hardy, the most adaptable and resilient, thrive. The northern edge of the Chihuahuan Desert west of the Pecos River was such a place.”

It is no wonder that Paula Duncan McDonald can make us feel so intensely as she creates and relates this epic story. She draws her knowledge from being reared on the family’s Wink, Texas, ranch, as well as from solid historical research, as she takes off  into “the middle of nowhere.” Today, she is a practicing psychologist in California.

The Middle of Nowhere can be purchased at or Be sure to visit the author’s website.

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8 Responses to "Paula Duncan McDonald, author"

  1. paul lehrer says:

    A quick and very enjoyable read. The dust bowl causes one to drink more water.

  2. nico march says:

    I learned more about Texas history and facts from this wonderful book, than from the National Geographic! A great read.

  3. Paula’s book is set in a time when life was difficult and tenuous. It’s a good read and one understands more about west Texas having read it. The characters are believable and easy to relate to. Life was changing and the characters had to adapt to the frightening circumstances of the dust storms, as well as the racial tensions as black persons began to be accepted in a limited way. It is a warm and heartening book that make for satisfying reading.

  4. Thanks for helping out, excellent information.

  5. Maryann Fraser says:

    This is one of those books that you can’t put down and once finished, you hope the author will do a sequel. The characters are so appealing, the story so moving and the setting and the times are so interesting that you yearn to follow the lives of the characters as they continue to unfold. Paula is a gifted writer. She brought alive for me, in such a touching way, a time and place that I knew little about.

  6. Milania Henley says:

    One of the most compelling questions raised in literature is, are characters formed by landscape? Would Cathy and Heathcliff be the same people if their story took place in the limpid landscape of Polynesia? Paula Duncan McDonald’s novel is set in a time and place that challenges her characters in a unique way, and Paula rises to that challenge formidably. By the end of the novel I felt I had been to West Texas and lived the dust storms of the 1930s along with characters who had become real people.

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  8. Johnk741 says:

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