Was Colonel George Trofimoff really a spy?

Ever wondered about American spies in prison? Since Edward Snowden escaped the Department of Justice after downloading NSA classified information, curiosity has peaked.

Sometimes, evidence is clear as to the one being targeted as a spy. Each case is different. Sometimes, there is nothing but a vague suspicion.

To hit Amazon in March is the book that I have written, The Col. George Trofimoff Story, the tale of the highest – ranking American military officer convicted of spying. Was he really guilty? You have to decide. It’s real. This really happened. It is also the life story of George Trofimoff.

Here are excerpts from the introduction:

“Today’s society can only imagine the torment, turmoil, and fear of World War II….

“Mass death, destruction, and fear hard to comprehend today was behind every news report. The United States lost 291,557 citizens in combat. Imagine, at this moment, what our state of mind – – your state of mind – – would be if we were to experience that now.”

“For George, there was little hope for freedom as he turned 14 and was forced into the German Youth Corps, the Brown Shirts, soon–to–be conscripted into the Army in combat. For him, it was time for escape, to try to reach the American forces and perceived freedom.”

This is where The Col. George Trofimoff Story… begins. It leads to Part II, The Sting. Here is a quick excerpt from Part II:

“That night, a telephone call interrupted their dinner. A person, who called himself “Igor Galkin,” said he was from the Russian Embassy in Washington D C…

“George listened while the man explained that he wanted to meet George in person, ‘to help him with some problems which had arisen because some defector/analyst had caused…’

“But the man’s repeated references to intelligence activities, at least that’s what it sounded like, had George wondering what on earth was going on. It sounded mysterious. Could this be the KGB, now a new and different organization checking historically, on their own? But what would the Russian Embassy want with him? He knew nothing.”

Part III, the Trial, will take you through each step of the Army Colonel’s prosecution, while at the same time explaining both Sting and trial lawyer strategy.

Upon its release, The Col. George Trofimoff Story… will be available on Amazon, Smashwords, and most digital availabilities.

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Glen Aaron is a retired trial attorney with a rich history in litigation and international business. He has maintained offices in Shenzhen, China, Panama City, Panama, Belize, Lebanon, and the United States, representing both American clients and clients from other countries.

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