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Robert HollmanA decorated Vietnam War marine veteran, a Phd educator, attorney Robert Hollmann is a remarkable man of numerous accomplishments; however, his greater joy is in writing.

Hollmann’s genre is Texanna historical fiction where he takes proven historical facts about Davey Crockett, William B. Travis, Jim Bowie, or the Alamo, itself (each of these being a separate Hollmann book), and superimposes a fictitious character to bring the life and times of Texas heroes and history to life. The stories are often told from the 3rd person, sometimes an inanimate object like William Travis’ sword, or an animate being like Jim Bowie’s faithful dog Gator. The reader is quickly drawn into the story, sharing the adventures along with the story teller.

The Last Ball, a play written by Hollmann, has been produced by the Globe Theater of Odessa, as has his musical, Oh Susannah, which is tremendously popular with children. Oh Susannah is about Susannah Dickinson, one of the first women heroes of the Texas fight for independence. The songs, as well as the script, were written by Hollmann, who writes for adults and children, alike. He is committed to teaching young Texans about their history and their heritage, often speaking at schools and continually writing readable, exciting Texas history books for school age kids.

A new play, Too Young to Die, has been written by Robert Hollmann. We are anxiously waiting its production at the Globe next September, and his latest book, The Alamo, is out now. The story of the Alamo is known throughout the world and is presented here by two students, Nancy and Jimmy, as they travel with Lady Texas to that shrine of Texas liberty when Santa Anna’s troops surrounded the old mission. Travis answers Santa Anna’s demand for surrender with a cannon shot. Nancy and Jimmy are so caught up they know they are watching Juan Seguin ride through the enemy lines to get reinforcements for the Alamo. They hear Davy Crockett and John McGregor battle with fiddle and bagpipe to raise the spirits of the tired defenders. They feel they cross the line in the sand drawn by Travis’ sword to fight with the men who chose to die so that Texas can be free. They are there in the fight of final assault when men become heroes and heroes become legends. You will have the same exhilarating feeling when you read the book!

Often, Robert Hollman can be found at the Alamo in San Antonio selling and signing his books, engaging visitors and teaching the history of Texas.

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