Taking Advantage

Sitting on a bench between holes in a golf game, I asked Jackie (Jackie Bancroft Spencer Morgan) if she thought the wealthy were taken advantage of.

She told me that all people are selfish — stock managers are un scrupulous, politicians are corrupt, bureaucrats are lazy, and the government tries to heal its inefficiency by raising taxes. Workers will always slack off if not watched and hired managers, particularly horse trainers, will fleece their client at every opportunity. When it came to anybody who could write a bill, like lawyers, the price just went up when they found out you were rich.

Did she feel resentment, I asked? She said no. She understood that was just how people were, but she tried to prevent being taken advantage of.

I mentioned to Jackie that I had lived within both the wealthy elite and the working class. I observed that the wealthy took advantage of others to gain wealth on a higher plain, usually involving large amounts of money, while the lower socio-economic did the same, only at a lesser level. She agreed. As we headed to tee-off, she determined that everyone was pretty much alike. It was simply a matter of degree.

I write about Jackie and how she viewed life in my book:  “Observer: The Ronnie Lee and Jackie Bancroft Spencer Morgan Story, a tale of people, greed, envy — even crime”

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