The Greatest Trainer

In 1989, the horse owned by Jackie Bancroft Spencer Morgan won the richest quarter horse race, The All American Futurity, paying her one million dollars. The horse was Strawberry Silk and the trainer was Jack Brooks.

Jack Brooks was and is the greatest quarter horse trainer ever. It is next to impossible to qualify, let alone win The All American Futurity. Jack has won it eight times with horses he has trained. In 2004, he was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.

The night after the race in which Strawberry Silk won, there was a celebration given by Jackie at the country club. Ruidoso, New Mexico’s high society were all there, and so was Jack and his assistant trainer. When he arrived, he learned that he had been fired. No reason given. Jackie just said, “You’re fired, but instead of the 10 percent you’ve got coming, you’ll get 20 percent, $200,000.”

No one ever knew why. That was just Jackie. She did things like that. If you had worked for her as Jack had in training Strawberry Silk, you knew not ever to ask her “why” about anything, not unless you wanted a royal ass-eating. So, nobody ever knew why Jackie fired the most successful, most famous quarter horse trainer ever, not even Jack.

About six months later, Jackie learned that the wife of Jack’s assistant trainer was suffering with a melanoma. She wrote out a check for $50,000 and mailed it to him in Oklahoma City, no explanation. That was just Jackie. One never knew what to expect. I don’t think she even did.

I write of Jackie’s life and how unusual a woman she was in my book:  Observer: The Ronnie Lee and Jackie Spencer Morgan Story, a tale of people, greed, manipulation — even crime

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