Laos (5)

After visiting their first Montagnard village and inspecting what was called an “auto defense” group of under-equipped villagers, George and his partner returned with the Commander to the 1st Military Region Headquarters in Luang Prabang.

The men were invited to a sumptuous Chinese dinner of ten courses, which lasted until late night and produced severe headaches caused by large amounts of Scotch, a local “cognac” brew, and Chinese beer. According to George, if the food had not been rich and diversified, he and his partner would have had an even worse fate.

George and his partner remained in the guest apartment of the Royal Palace overnight, and returned to Vientiane the next morning after a French-type breakfast of caffee-au-lait, croissants, and toast. Upon arrival at Vientiane, they made a comprehensive report to their Head of Station verbally, and then wrote it all down in a written report, accompanied by their recommendations for providing aid and training to the auto-defense program. This would result in a massive humanitarian, quasi-military, and training aid program along the Laotian/Vietnamese border of the Montagnard tribes.

I write of George’s Laotian experience in my book:  The Colonel George Trofimoff Story, the tale of America’s highest ranking military officer convicted of spying.

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Glen Aaron is a retired trial attorney with a rich history in litigation and international business. He has maintained offices in Shenzhen, China, Panama City, Panama, Belize, Lebanon, and the United States, representing both American clients and clients from other countries.

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