Ft. Shafter

Ft. Shafter is located in the hills past Honolulu Harbor and before Pearl Harbor. George presented himself to the Desk Chief for South East Asia and told him he was seeking a position as military intelligence analyst.

He was told that if he truly had personal experience in Laos, he would be hired immediately but his background and security clearance would have to be checked thoroughly before he could start work. George gave the officer telephone reference numbers and names of persons who could provide all the necessary information concerning his clearance. By the end of the week, George was hired as the military analyst for the South East Asia Branch, with specific responsibilities for Laos and Cambodia.

George was not only happy and excited, he was relieved. He was down to his last few dollars, so now he would have a pay scale of GS-11 and could continue his career in the military intelligence field. Not only that, he would be living in this beautiful place — Hawaii.

I write of George’s experience and service in Hawaii in my book:   Observer: The Colonel George Trofimoff Story, the tale of America’s highest ranking military officer convicted of spying


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